~ alice keep dreaming ~ (ladyiapetus) wrote in metaquotes,
~ alice keep dreaming ~

cheekyweebisom forms her own opinion of "The Reaping":

However shall we stop this nightmare?

Um, we already know this one: just let the Jews go.

Seriously, if I ran the world, this movie would end with the revelation that someone had locked Mrs. Adele Goldblatt, a grandmother from Brooklyn, in his basement, forcing her to bake rugelach fourteen hours a day. A (non-firstborn) child would skip across the ravaged, post-apocalyptic landscape of the town, happen upon the cellar door, and open it. Mrs. Goldblatt would step out into the sun, the locusts would clear away instantly, and she would say, "Thank you, boychik."

Context is somewhere in the book of Exodus QWP.
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