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rain_ing has something to say to her houseguests...

We made a deal! It seems, they do whatever they want to do with that part of the room, leave me alone, and I will leave them to their scurrying around.

Ants wouldn't matter so much to me if they did not use my room as a BOMB SHELTER. After a particularly severe bout of rainfall/thunderstorm, I will see lines of them fleeing the great outdoors to seek refuge in my room. Imagine that, ants! My faith in your diligence has been shredded to bits!

Hardworking gits, eh, I TAKE THAT ALL BACK. You have forced me, dear ants, to declare WAR on you. I will ERADICATE you from the face of this earth! This is a NO HOLDS BARRED battle, and I will emerge VICTORIOUS. How could you trample all over my diplomacy? My pride is wounded, and you have unlocked the floodgates of my wrath.

I hear thunder. Even better! I hope you flock to my room, because THERE I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU.

F-locked, QWP
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