Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

Drinking + Skiing = A Hell of a Vacation

The rest of the evening (what we can remember of it anyway) was spent at the local bar, rather than some of the tourist hang-outs. As it turns out, we should've gone to the tourist hang-out. Evidently it was SOOOOOOUULLLLL TRAIN! night. There was much drinking, much drunk-dialing of the punk-ass bitches what decided to skip out on going on the trip with their oldest friends so they could go to a wedding with their not-girlfriends and my surprising the hell out of everyone by going up to random women and talking to them with the corniest and/or worst pick-up lines my so-called friends could come up with for their amusement.

(Joke's on them. I got three phone numbers and one kiss after telling one woman she had a lovely Afro-disiac. WHO'S HOUSE? MY HOUSE!)

graphicnovelist had a lovely time, didn't you?
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