Lily (prettylily) wrote in metaquotes,

Tongue Twister fun at the LJDQ

elfie_samurai- "Cincinatti reminds me of this story I heard of this guy whose last name was Cianci and his wife was Nancy Anne so she was Nancy Anne Cianci. See? Nancy-ancy-ancy! It's fun!"

chaosvizier- "I hope Nancy has some posh sisters. Then one day she can have a child and names her Yancy Anne. And we could look forward to Yancy Anne Cianci's Fancy Aunties."

shadowed_guise- Those sisters can only afford to be posh because of their low-quality high street lingerie emporium, with all the products made from sweatshops staffed with Nancy's sons and daughters.

All that trouble for Yancy Anne Cianci's Fancy Aunties Chancy Panties.

Context is eagerly awaiting this weeks quiz.
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