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Of Woodchucks and Algebra

skinny_bacon responds to an age-old question....

5. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Use the following formula:

W – IW/GR x C(ct) + L = _____

· W stands for Wood – how much wood is available?
· IW stands for Inclement Weather – if it has rained any time in the last 17 days, or snowed within the last 23 days, the wood will be harder (or softer) than it may ordinarily be, and that would affect the amount of wood that could be chucked
· GR stands for Gamma Rays – they influence everything. Too many would hurt our poor little woodchuck and make him less effective
· C stands for Nearby Construction – Construction makes everyone frustrated. If there are loud noises, the woodchuck may get angry and end up eating construction workers instead of wood
· CT stands for Chaos Theory – Anything anywhere in the world could impact the woodchuck. After all, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Peking, in Central Park you get rain instead of sunshine (and we have already established how rain can impact the outcome)
· L stands for Luck – Does the woodchuck feel lucky?

Context is wondering what that has to do with Penelope Pitstop. (f-locked entry; QWP)

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