Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

Even the admins can be funny...

as seen on lj_biz from this entry :

bradfitz : It's not LiveJournal policy to talk about money in detail, and let me explain why: once we start talking specific dollar figures, people inevitably start saying things like, "What!? You wasted $nnnn?!? I could've done it or bought it for only half that!"


And the funniest: "As you can clearly see from the stats page, LiveJournal has 70,000 paid users. Because all users pay $2.50 per month, that's $2,084,820 that Brad personally makes each year, and wastes on hookers and blow." (yes, we've seriously gotten that!)

mannyvision : What? You wasted $2,084,820 on hookers and blow? I could get you hookers and blow for half that!

bradfitz : Yeah, but hookers without the clap? And how much is the blow cut?

mannyvision : Oh, no, but those aren't important features. You'll just wear a condom and have a few Pabsts!

fo0bar : But in what configuration? Is this a normal condom or a serial condom? Also, are you set up in a RAPE (Redundant Array of Prophylactic Enhancers) configuration?

bradfitz : Too far, man, too far....

(I think we'd gone too far with "hookers and blow", actually)

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