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"I have realised why America cannot be part of the Eurovision Song Contest...
You see, in these PC days, you cannot go around have big expensive wars. Instead, we play football, have singing competitions, play cricket, play rugby and anything else along those sorts of lines. This means that you have to create your alliances (As an English person, I am to support the Scottish football team, and loathe the German one). You must vote for your countries year upon year, and then they, in turn, will vote for you. Do you understand? Good. Learn and then you can join in our competitions." - hanacandi

"Last year, I was at a house party. With drunkeness and shouting, flirting, girls with nice trainers, cavorting, mishaps, and escapades ... I woke up under the christmas tree. In less than a fortnight's time, I would be trapped in a long term relationship. Poor innocent fool. I was twenty one.
When I was eighteen, all my mates from school came round my gaffe. I was still drinking then. We ended up on top of the shed shouting swear words as loud as we could. Such was the nature of our cutting wit. There were no girls with nice trainers at this gathering." - meetpaulblack

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