Nishy (brazenbells) wrote in metaquotes,

afrai's belated New Years resolutions.

Resolutions, mostly fannish

- henceforth I shall be cooler and not dork around like a big dorky thing that dorks.
- (haha, as if.)
- I will send lots of feedback.
- I will bug more people to write things. Everybody who has experienced my nagging says things like "evil!" and "why don't you write it" but they like it really. They're just playing hard to get.
- I will download more Clex wallpapers. (Yeah, 'cos that'll be such a hardship.)
- I will stop worrying about writing fic and just do it.
- I will not feel guilty when days go past without my writing fic. Fic is good, but I am more than my fic, yo. Sometimes I am icons!
- I will stop saying OMG so much. This is a very annoying habit. (but omg so much fun)
- I will eventually make a squee! icon.
- I will not be scared of the BNFs, as we have all agreed that BNFdom is in the mind, and most of them are rilly nice anyway.
- I will be prepared for my complete and utter failure at achieving the previous goal.
- I will not get sucked into a vaguely cultish online group, realise that people I've been calling my friends have secret identities as Complete Nutters, and have diplomatically to sever ties. Everybody I befriend this year will be SANE, dammit.
- I shall try to write like P. G. Wodehouse. Also Patrick O'Brian. Just 'cos.
- I will not, however, buy a Peke, shave my head, and dye the remaining wisps of hair white in an absurd attempt to look like the aforementioned writers.
- I will meet people! And they will like me! 'Cos I will be hiding the carving knife in my coat, ahahahaha.
- I will stop feeling so embarrassed about everything.
- I will continue not taking things seriously, and sekritly mocking people who take 'em too seriously. Life is funny, dammit; LAUGH.
- I will be Honest. If I do not like people I will not say I like them. That way ends in tears.
- I will discover the secret of replying to feedback in an interesting way. (Perhaps tie foreverdirt up and wave narsty things at her until she gives up the secret?)
- I will let everybody I worship know I worship them. -- Okay, maybe not everybody. The less scary ones, certainly.
- I will be legal! woohoo! Wait, that's not a resolution. Fact, though!
- I will create a sekrit pseudonym which I will tell no-one about and write lots and lots of gay pr0n in, omg, fandoms that are not obscure under that name.
- Okay, maybe not that last one. I mean, fandoms that are not obscure? Shyeah right.

I still want a sekrit pseudonym, though. I plot.

nasraniness today, yay. Ooh! And

- I will keep in touch with my friends. I haven't got so many that I can fling 'em away with a careless haha like things you fling away with a careless haha.
(- I will make better similes.)
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