New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote in metaquotes,
New England 'til I die

The subsets of asshats

Over in stupid_free, in response to this ms_daisy_cutter has this to say:

No, it just brings out a certain subset of asshats. Asshats are a most, er, diverse genus, with a multitude of species. We are currently observing the mating and feeding rituals of Asshattus racismus, sometimes known as the Ivory Tower Chattering Magpie.

Now if the snark were being made about a post in boob_nazis or the like, the species in question would be Asshattus mammarius, commonly known as the Crusty-Tipped Tit (or the Great Veiny Booby). If the offending post originated in anti_feminism, then we would probably be dealing with Asshattus phallocrates, the common name of which is the Lesser Waving Cock. And if this were some sort of body-mod or tattoo-related wank, we would likely be putting up with Asshattus Scarificatus, a/k/a the common Lookatme-Lookatme.

QWP, context is knowing the differences between sub-species.

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