BabyDraco (babydraco) wrote in metaquotes,

From my sister's lj, paleinsuspense. To explain, I do in fact involve myself in the doll customizing/collecting hobby.

My sister made over two of her Ken dolls to look like David Bowie and Lou Reed. Her "Draco Malfoy" and "Professor Snape" action figures are glaring at them from behind a stack of CDs.

Lou Reed wears black lipstick, black nail polish, and a black studded strap around his wrist. The poor guy has to play a left-handed Mattel-brand guitar, with four strings and six tuning pegs.

David Bowie has pink hair, shimmery blue eye shadow, gold lipstick, red nail polish, and a floaty purple scarf. He's prancing around on top of the computer in a wife-beater and a pair of black stretch bell-bottoms.

While I was typing this, Lou Reed fell off the monitor and landed on his face.
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