Irony (ironychan) wrote in metaquotes,

donna_c_punk: (with permission)

DonnaCSoprano: And is it just me ... or does Elijah Wood have some of the longest, most girly eyelashes of any one person on the face of this planet?! I swear ... that boy is wearing fakes. No way they are naturally that long.
LadyBriMalfoy: Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it was Maybelline.

That was one of my obervances during my second big screen viewing of ROTK - Elijah Wood's eyelashes. They're casting a shadow at one point, people. Those are serious lashes. Women the world over are in envy of them. This boy is just way too pretty. He's not sexay. He's not handsome. He's not OMG! teh gorgeous!!!111 He's pretty. Yes. Way too pretty with way too long eyelashes. Kyan would want to put those suckers in a ponytail and whack them off.
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