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From partly_cloudy

There's some weird stuff in junk mail
Silliest invention ever: a bathroom scale with a glass top. It uses impedance, claims to be able to hold up to 380 lbs, and definitely looks sleek and spiffy. But, still, it's a glass scale, which is far too amusing. I wonder, if someone ordered one of these and got the defective one and it broke the first time they stepped on it, would they even bother returning it for a replacement under the warranty (Reason for return: "Did not hold my weight" or "Broke on first use")? Hmmm...sounds like a cozy scam: get people to purchase defective glass scales that break on first use, but no customer files warranty claims or even tries to get medical bills paid (glass shard removal) because they're too embarrassed to admit they broke it when they stepped on it. Maybe even get the courts to laugh at them if someone does file a personal injury lawsuit ("A glass scale? You bought a glass scale, and you're trying to sue the company because it broke?" **judicial guffaws**).

Yup, far too amusing.

Ket's Note: Sorry bout all the retarted crap I did with the linking.
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