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The Casperson Household, a play in some acts.

Mom: I thought you children had to pack.
Amanda: Meh. It'll get done eventually.
Mom: I thought that was your excuse for not helping me. You keep telling me you have to go pack.

(Amanda and Laura look at each other.)

Laura: (to Amanda) Did she ever ask you to help?
Amanda: No... you?
Laura: No. (to Mom) You never asked us to help.
Mom: I need the downstairs vacuumed and dusted and you children keep telling me you have to pack.


Laura: But... you never asked us. So we never made any excuses.
Mom: Well, I'm just tired of asking. I don't even bother anymore.
Amanda: But you said we kept saying we had to go pack. You never asked.
Mom: Well, maybe I should have asked.
Laura: I guess.
Mom: So would you please help me out with the vacuuming?
Amanda: We have to pack.

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