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badmagic searches for more words with pejorative suffices

Ard Times
There's something that English has lost that I want back: the pejorative suffix.

Go back a few centuries, and you could create a new word by adding -ard to the end of an old one. This new word would be understood to refer to someone who did whatever the original word was, but to the point it became annoying. Someone who was drunk often enough to make you want to slap some sense into him was a drunkard. The guy with irksomely dull wits was a dullard. Bastard shares this origin, as do the obsolete dotard and lollard.

This wasn't only used to describe annoying people. The derivation of "blizzard" is blitz, lightning, and (by extension) storm, with -ard, pej. suf. So blizzard is essentially "look at that [f---king] storm."

I see the possibility for all sorts of new and much needed words:

Meetingard, an agendaless workplace gathering that will serve no other purpose than to waste hours that might have been used to get something done.

Cellard, someone who doesn't realize that the person he's talking to on the hands-free cell phone is not the only one who can hear the conversation.

Memard, someone who fills up your Friendspage with announcements that they are an elf, an INFJ, Inara from Firefly, the Sensual Lover, and have the Seduction Style of Smooth. Each of these is accompanied by a link to a picture on another site, so your browser will freeze or crash if your security settings are high. Like mine. If you wonder why I never respond to your posts, this is probably why.

Harvard, a school whose graduates have dangerously limited grasp of international politics.

Any others?
That's the whole post but the discussion got pretty interesting.
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