Silmaril (silmaril) wrote in metaquotes,

That's not a war. *This* is a war.

jsbowden steps up to take command of a "war" dragging on and on:
Listen up ladies!

We've just about got the War on Christmas wrapped up. It'll done by the end of December. As a follow up, we'll be bombing New Year's Eve. We're resolving to assasinate President's Day come the new year. There will be repression fire on the MLK divisions as a run up to the next phase. That'll be the opening maneuver in preparation for the Assault on Easter. Once Easter's nothing but a dim Memorial, we'll be shelling the Fourth of July. After that we'll take out the Labor force by carpet bombing the enemy's industrial capabilities. They have Veteran troops in reserve who'll have to be dealt with in the run up to raining down Nuclear Turkeys from Above in the final battle for Thanksgiving.

It's gonna be a busy year, and I expect nothing but 110%. I'm sure you won't let me down.

Pack your gear girls, we're moving out!
Entire post; quoted with permission.
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