spyderqueen (spyderqueen) wrote in metaquotes,

revsphynx is taking Rudolph a tad too seriously:

Alright, let's look at this wonderful little song of prejudice, pettiness, cliquisms, and arrogant bosses that turn a blind eye to abuse.

First of all, don't fucking tell me what I'd say if I saw it. Who the hell are you to say what I'd say? Asshole.

Second, all of the other reindeer would laugh and call him names. Wow... what if he had been in a wheelchair? Would they call him names then? These are supposed to be the symbols of Christmas, of love, hope, kindness... Do they also make fun of the children Santa is delivering toys to that have disabilities or abormalities?

And what about Santa? It seems he's only willing to step in to stop the abuse when he finds a use for Rudolph. And what did he do on other foggy Christmas Eves? And how exactly was it foggy at the North Pole anyways? Wouldn't the water vapor in the air freeze? Someone a little more versed in physics and/or meteorology, can you help me out here?

So now that he has a use, they love him. This is not unlike a racist who will make an exception for one or two people that he personally knows because they are of some use to him, but maintain that the race as a whole is still somehow inferior.

Context refuses to play your racist reindeer games. QWP.
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