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At least they weren't into melons.

Oldies, but goodies. downloadstone shares an unexpectedly zesty experience on brps_adult:

"One of my newest rp partners asked if I was okay with doing lemons. Since I assumed lemons meant porn, as in the whole lemon/lime/citrus style of rating, I said sure, why not. I'm not a fan of rping smut just for the sake of smut, but it can be a fun way of playing with character development.

So one day a sex scene does pop up, and our characters are getting all hot and sweaty. And it's a pretty well played sex scene, in character and all.

And then out of nowhere he shoves a lemon. Up my characters ass. No lube, no OOC mention, no nothing. I mean, they weren’t even in a kitchen.

After several minutes of laughing my ass off and wiping the soda from the screen, I ask her OOC just what -was- that. I get a very snippy reply that I'd told her I was alright with that, and then she signs off.

Jesus, I'm still laughing about this one."

Context is a conspiracy of pornographers; QWP.
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