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From the Tales of tom_kiper: Ornery Law Student cum Part-Time Librarian

Dunno where these so-called university students think they're enrolled, but even though the library is open extended hours for finals, they're always indignantly perplexed that it isn't open (and serving up food) 24/7. (There are in fact 24/7 work areas next door, but this does nothing to placate their pampered wrath.) Even more perplexed when I explain that there are financial and logistical costs involved whenever a building is open for use.

"It says cafe in the name, shouldn't they be serving food?"
See those giant food display units that are currently locked down? They were serving food. During the daytime. Not at 2 AM. Oddly, you'll find that many places, even libraries, stop serving food by 2 AM. Perhaps you should write a letter to the Herald to complain about this unbelievable, nay, intolerable state of affairs.

"I pay money to go here!"
I pay money to go here, too. Yet the university still denies my demands for a perfumed, gold-clad eunuch attendant to wipe my ass whenever I use the facility bathroom. Why is that, I wonder. Please note, furthermore, that the mere fact that you pay tuition does not grant you a waiver from university security and safety policies. Again, so shocking as to be beyond the limit of human conception, but strangely true.

Full Entry is here. QWP
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