Irony (ironychan) wrote in metaquotes,

From cat_o_ninetails' jounal:

Well, I'm up at three AM and talking gibberish with Laura. Much of it was to do with deciding that we would need involved mathematical equations using complex numbers to find out what circle of Hell we would end up in (and we would likely need to invent one). There was talk of Good Omens and God/Morningstar and if there really is a Christian afterlife we are so screwed.

icefalcon says: I need to make up a theme song to 'Hell, hell, I'm going to hell.'
icefalcon says: And a dance routine to go with it.
cat_o_ninetails says: With sequins.
icefalcon says: Yes. And muffins.
cat_o_ninetails says: Chocolate chip muffins.
icefalcon says: Yes.
icefalcon says: With little dancing pretty boys.
cat_o_ninetails says: AND A MUFFIN FAIRY!
icefalcon says: A SATANIC MUFFIN FAIRY!
cat_o_ninetails says: :O!
icefalcon says: It fits in with the overall DOOM theme.
Then I showed her the Muffin Queen icon.

spectacular, your icon has cracked icefalcon's sanity. I present her compliments.

current mood: damned :D
current music: 'Hell, hell, I'm going to hell'
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