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Viagra-fuelled orgy of miscommunication

I really wish, just once, when somebody screws the entire kennel in a Viagra-fuelled orgy of miscommunication and ineptitude by sitting on something for THREE FUCKING WEEKS, working the customer into a state of incandescent rage in the process, before dropping the whole horrible dog's breakfast in my lap like a botched partial birth abortion flambee au gratin, two days before I'm supposed to go on vacation (and already overloaded trying to clear my desk as a result of spending a couple of weeks doing two jobs because of a colleague's surgery (for which I cancelled my vacation to boot)), that would I lose my stupid goddamn nanny sheepdog big dumb legal superhero instincts long enough to tell them to fuck off, instead of agreeing to fix their damn mess before I leave.

Quoted with permission from locked entry at

context is a verbose and uber literate very angry lawyer.
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