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British Welfare System

D C M Hazel AKA LicheHazel (dcmhazel) writing on benefits, banking and the nanny state.

Here are some companies and new slogans

The Post office: Post with us and we'll file it. (See rubish bin)

The National Health Service (Choose and Book): Help us, help you, Help us

Private Dental Health: Have a smile for your bank manager to be proud of!

The Dental Service (NHS): Subscribe now your grandchildrens smiles might get noted.

Social Services: Get help you need when you need it*

*As long as were not in a meeting or filing our nails

The Benefits agency: New technology to help you find a job**

**all benefits agency staff where trained how to work these machines before they where sacked due to machines

Social Services Direct Payments Dept: You get the employee you want, we give you the cash. (Eventually.) And we do no work and get the credit.

Local Council ASBO Unit: Antisocial behavior is not a problem. Please ring your local nick on 0990 ...


Did I do it right?
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