Royce Day (jeriendhal) wrote in metaquotes,
Royce Day

So... I guess Woody Allen has nothing to do with this one?

One of the many astonishing things about Casino Royale is just how tawdry it makes the last three Brosnan films look. The Bond franchise was faced with two choices after Brosnan's departure-- brutal reinvention, or geometrically multiplying self-parody. They could have continued to make films in which Bond raced invisible fairy cars and rocket-sleds across Playstation landscapes while shooting lasers at killer cyborgs. Instead, somebody drank a whole pot of Get Serious and opted for the reinvention.

Thank you, whoever was responsible. You may have a cookie. You may in fact have two.
-scott_lynch was stirred, Vesper was shaken.

Context thinks Ian Fleming needed some serious sexual counseling.
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