Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in metaquotes,

For those who have taken the GRE -- or for that matter, the LSAT, the SAT, or any standardized test -- you can sympathize, I'm sure.

etoilepb: The analytical when I took it was basically logic problems, graded automatically like the other sections. Didn't they change it to a writing-based section?
believeitup: Yeah, one persuasive and one analytical essay. And they hit you with those first, ugh. But they weren't nearly as bad as the logic problems I'd been practicing on. I don't give a damn if Patty, Ryan, Selma, Thomas and Vicki can't all ride in the same car because Vicki thinks Ryan has cooties and Patty and Selma have to ride together because of their unacknowledged girlylove.

Stupid logic problems.

--From believeitup, in these comments.
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