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And the alphabet will never be the same...

From the wonderful thecoweyed, who had a Latin Language lecture about the alphabet. And thus, this idea is born.

Have been thinking about this since our amazingly interesting Latin Language lecture, and suddenly it hit me. In the history of the development of our alphabet, Z got up for a while and forgot to call fives.

Z: Hey guys, I'm back...
E: Oh, hey!
Z: Hey, WTF! I was totally sitting there...
G: Well, you didn't call fives.
Z: But I SAID I'd be back.
G: Oh, come on, you were hardly using this seat.
Z: But that's my coat, right there!
G: Fine, here's your coat. See you later.
Z: Come on, E, I was sitting next to you.
E: Yeah, but now G, F and I are having a pretty good talk.
W: *points at F* He took MY spot, too!
Everyone else: *stares at W*
W: Err... *poof*
V: Don't even get me started... *eyes U*
Z: Shut up! This isn't about U, this is about how G stole my spot!
E: Z, come on, it's just a seat...
Z: But E--
E: I'll talk to you later. Promise. A, B and I will all come down to have a nice long chat.
Z: *grumps and walks ALL THE WAY to the end of the alphabet*
Y: Chaire su!
Z: *glares* STFU.

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