Circéus (six_crazy_guys) wrote in metaquotes,

two classics combined

Over in fanficrants, leikomgwtfbbq (what else?) rants:

If your character is the "child of Satin", who is his mother? Fleece? Raglan? Wool? Flannel? Tulle? ...Oh. His mother is an angle.

Comments go wild:

zandrellia: "Please meet my mother Angle and father Satin. Oh and my sister Ribbon and my brother Button... and our second cousin Obtuse and my aunt Acute's bastard child Corduroy."

caitlin_chan: Well, you can be the offspring of an Angle. You know, like the Angles and the Jutes.


That means you get to go to the special Hell for Saxons, above the special Hell for people who neglect their Gaelic, so you can point and laugh at them. XD My roommate is going to that special Hell. XD

siinik: Mmmm, I wondered what the connection between the devil and Prada really was. Veeery interesting.

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