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That's just wrong.

lost_in_my_room loves comic books, especially Daredevil. This is a real conversation from an open post.

Rob: Oh, there you are
Mom: Did you get left behind?
Rob: No, I was in the toy isle looking at the Spiderman toys. They had a Daredevil action figure!
Mom: You didn't get it?
Rob: No. It was pretty stupid looking. It's sad. Daredevil is one of my favorite characters but no one will make decent merch for him because of that awful Ben Affleck movie
Mom: I see (delivered in that "that's nice" tone of voice that indicates she has no idea what i'm talking about)
Rob: Oh well, At least i have my comics. I just got one that was drawn by David Mack, the guy who drew Kabuki.
Mom: Uh-huh
Rob: He PAINTED every page, Mom! He has this gorgeous oriental watercolor style
Mom: Wow
Rob: And seeing Daredevil drawn like that... it was just incredible!
Mom: I'm sure it was
Rob: Of course, all of the original pages are like 500 bucks
Mom: Why don't you just have Carlye paint one for you, or you get a coloring book and do it yourself?
Rob: You find me a Daredevil coloring book and I'll happily fill it
Mom: I'll just photo-copy the comic book in black and white and you can color it whatever color you want
Rob: Uh, I don't think it would be the same
Mom: Sure it would. And if you wanted to change the colors, you could. If his outfit is usually purple, you can make it pink
Rob: His outfit is red, Mom
Mom: Well you can make it pink
Rob: MOM! Daredevil wouldn't wear pink! I mean, sure he's blind, but he has SOME self respect!
Mom: well if he's blind then he won't mind, will he?
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