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Serenity? Not at a con.

edallia and her dad go to a con.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Con came to me weeks later, when I was trying to explain to my father what the hell Serenity was and why it caused a line of people to snake way the hell out the door and halfway across the Hilton.

"I don't know," was my explanation.

"That Sarah Michelle Gellar is pretty hot," was my father's response.

"She wasn't in that."

"That doesn't *even* matter."

Bonus, because it was too good not to: When I asked her for permission to metaqoute, her response was this:

Go for it. Unless you think it'll make people think I'm maligning Serenity somehow. That is a LOT of people to piss off. Though judging from that line, most of them are still at the Hilton in Atlanta.

QWP, Context bathes every day, even at Conventions.
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