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mmm history goodness

In response to someone asking us to do their homework for them , bopeepsheep replies (unlocked post):

1. England's never had any trouble with its colonies. The Romans gave us a bit of trouble initially, and then there were the waves of immigrants from Jutland, Frisia and the like, but we settled into a decent pattern of towns and villages pretty swiftly. The two plagues got rid of a few smaller settlements, and the Industrial Revolution turned a lot of people into economic migrants and created slums in inner-cities, but on the whole the struggling was mostly due to weather.

2. It's always good to figure out what you want before you ask for it, and have a practice revolution first. The Russians demonstrated this nicely in 1917, having two revolutions for the price of one. Naming your revolution correctly helps, though. It's not all that Glorious if you have to have another one. The Russians made the mistake of naming theirs by months which breaks when you switch calendar systems. 'American' works better because it's true, by geography, and would become true politically if it worked.

3. That's a very sweeping question, so a sweeping answer is justified. Yes.
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