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j_buns is amazed by squirrels


Personally, I would have been shocked too. Context still can't get over it.

"so.. today i learned that a squirrel can eat a quarter of it's body size in burrito.... why you ask?... i was mugged!

a squirrel sneaked up and stole the last 1/2 of my burrito... and proceded to eat slightly more than half of that, and then cary the remainder up a tree..and stow it conveniently on a branch overhanging a very heavily trafficed area. it was quite entertaining. and i really wish i could be there for when the burrio falls..hopefully onto an unsuspecting sorority girl ^^

though i suppose he really didn't "steal" it.. as i left it intentionally unattended when i saw him come down the tree... but it was still funny to watch a squirrel eat a burrito half of it's own size"

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