Frosty the Snowbitch (slightly_frayed) wrote in metaquotes,
Frosty the Snowbitch

Oh, sleep...

Perhaps it's because I'm so sleep-deprived that I found this so entertaining. quimtessence's entry in its entirety:

It's so cold here and Internet is not always forthcoming
...and yes, that is my kitten notebook I don't need to name Patrick because it already is Patrick. Wait - yeah, no, whatever, it's not my journal, just where I write my random/nerdy/dorky thoughts/ideas/witticisms - have I mentioned the slash?, and, hey, wanna count how many times you encounter the word "cock"? 'cause yeah, sure I do that stuff, thanks for asking.

Kids these days.

Never let anyone convince you potatoes are anything more than mind-numbingly tedious at their very best, which is hardly any better than their very usual. Plums, however, are very entertaining before-dinner-but-definitely-late-afternoon conversationalists. Just ask my cousin and her jam-making appendages.

Never ask me why I stopped watching TV - there's never anything on even when you're not watching it (completely going against reverse psychology there or something). And no, I've not taken to rotting my brain just yet, although promises of Carrie Brownstein with a fully-functioning voice in my living room slash bedroom will gets you more than cable from me.

Can you tell that being more than half a mile up in the air (above the soil, under the stratosphere, whatever, the atmosphere is overrated anyway, and nobody ever talks about the ionosphere, even me when I'm subtly introducing it into conversation) is affecting my whatever - brain, something - ?

Context could probably use some sleep.
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