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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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sex ed 101
dark goat
caprinus wrote in metaquotes
sabotabby asked her flist about how they first learned about S-E-X. zingerella responded:

[M]y poor seventh-grade Catholic school teacher sent the boys to the library and informed us that the Ministry of Education said we had to have sex education, since we were in Grade 7. Sex happened, he told us, when the man inserted his penis into the woman's vagina, and we each had a slip of paper on which we could write an anonymous question that he would answer.

I thought about it for a while, and wrote, carefully, "Why?"

It was much, much longer before I figured out the answer to that. Mr. P. apparently didn't feel qualified to attempt an answer.

Oh my GOD. That is the cutest thing EVER.

*laughs for hours*

I don't know anyone qualified to attempt an answer to that one.

That's a pretty profound question. ^^

I think Tim Allen asked the same question after being married and having a kid. He STILL couldn't figure out what made the idea sound liks such a cool thing to do. Of course, he also described it as "Two naked adults grinding against eachother and making funny sounds"

I love children who use logic like that. Upon hearing that description, why indeed would a person do it? *snickers*

That's so............ logical.

That was totally my question when I found out the definition of sex.

When my mom first heard that, my immediate reaction was one of disgust. As in: "You let Daddy do that to you?!"

I scarred her. I think she was hoping it would be a good long while before my brain leapt to that conclusion.

Man, when I was that age I was at least familiar with the reasoning behind "why," if not totally in touch with it. I've never heard of Catholic school functioning so effectively before.

I was a pretty sheltered kid.

I'm a bit chagrinned at how long it took me to put all the bits of information together, but I was pretty uninterested in the entire topic during my pre-teen and early teen years. Books were more interesting and less mystifying.

I think my first question was "how does it FIT in there?"

That was great...*dreading the day my daughter asks me that*

You could get lucky. I'm eighteen, and so far my parents have never had any form of The Talk with me. The Intarwebs have erased my innocence for me completely.

I think it's quite scary how many people in that thread actually remember learning about sex...

My parents' version of The Talk was, and I quote: "That's the responsibility of the school to teach you."

Years later, in HIGH SCHOOL (I was a late bloomer), I raised my hand in class and asked my teacher how the sperm gets into the vagina in the first place...Nono, I understand that the male ejaculates, sending the sperm out of the vas deferens and all that. But how would that, in turn, get to a woman's vagina?

See, the school taught us the biological whys and wherefores of it, assuming it was the parents' responsibility to fill in the rest.

No one, until high school, explained to me that there was either nudity or penetration involved.

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