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I Want To Be Metaquoted When I Grow Up!
heptadecagram wrote in metaquotes

victoriana is a teacher in high school. I envy her that, because she gets great stories out of it:

I cannot laugh while my students are working.

They're doing their work, and I can't just crack up in the middle of it.

But I'm grading papers, and this one kid...

He meant to say he wanted to major in business.

But he spelled it "Bunniess"

He wants to major in Bunniess.

I am dying.

I wish my college had that major. I could sequence in Fluffiness 101 and 102.

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I am reminded of a conversation I had with my roommate last night. Our friend is majoring in Health Science but I couldn't remember what it was called, and settled on saying that she was majoring in "Doctor."

This made me laugh, out loud, at work. Hah. Normally I can contain my snickers, but this one was just... priceless.

When I was visiting colleges, I went for the tour and info session at the University of Pennsylvania. The admissions person who was conducting the info session told us how important it was to actually proofread our essays and not just rely on the automatic spellcheck. Apparently, they once recieved an appliation from a young man who was very intent on gaining admission to the Wharton School of Bunnies. At that point I lost it, because I kept imaginging dozens of bunnies at little bunny-desks, and frolicking around a grassy quad, and nibbling on carrots in a dining hall, and wearing little caps and gowns while recieving diplomas with a pawprint instead of a singature. I had to leave the room until the tears of laughter stopped streaming down my face. :D

And on Spring Break, everyone has to go deliver eggs!:)


*with a side of obligatory Buffy-in-joke icon*

(Deleted comment)
What grade is this kid in? Seriously, it's cute if it's elementary school, but high school aged kids and up...not so much.

Sweet, preciousss bunniess...

Nothing like a coney stew with some taters!

If I wear my bunny slippers to class can I minor in Bunniess?

At least the bunnies are on fire.

All I can think of is that if I could major in Bunnies I'd be set for life as a writer. *sigh* Fanfic has invaded what's left of my brain.

I think it speaks to the fact that it's 4pm on a Friday and I desperately need a drink that the first place my brain went with your comment was "Watership Down Slash - is it really necessary?"

My mom graded a college entrance essay called "From Dunce to Guiniess". I suggested the subtitle "How I Learned to Drown My Sorrows Of Inadequacy".

I hear stuff like that all the time from my Mom who is also a teacher. And my father, a college professer, sadly.

I used to work in a university writing center. I KNOW OF WHAT YOU SPEAK.

Bunniesss. Like Brainssss. Man, I wanna major in brainssss. (cheer up, zombie kid)

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