The Ronin Esper (cmzero) wrote in metaquotes,
The Ronin Esper

scribe_of_stars is feeling profound today...

First, on politics...

We should require mandatory martial arts training for all government officials. It'd get them exercise, it'd take up time they would otherwise be using to accept special interest money and suchlike, and we can start calling members of the Legislative Branch "Kung-Fu Kongressmen." Every election year's worth of televised political debate would generate enough B-movie material to last us a decade (and drastically improve Nielsen ratings), especially if we haphazardly dubbed a voice track over what they were actually saying.

Then, later, on theology...

God cannot lie because He can alter reality to suit His version of the truth. Proof of this exists in the chihuahua; on a dare by Saint Peter, God arranged for the breed to be placed on the Earth so that it seemed it evolved naturally. Religious scholars refer to this event as "the Divine Retconning."

While the chihuahua revelation initially came as a shock to many, most experts now view it as far less significant than the time the Archangel Gabriel said "Hey Boss, I bet You can't make three separate groups of people who all worship You but want to kill each other."
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