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Wait just a moment...!

shawk is a little confused. QWP.

I'm trying to imagine a scenario where having limited edition deodorant would even be relevant. Let's try this:

The setting: a slick, modern office. "Laura," blonde, beautiful and in tight clothing, sits elegantly in a chair in front of a computer, one arm akimbo. "Robert," dark-haired and handsome and wearing an expensive suit, strides by. He stops and makes some comment about perfume.

Laura frowns as she fills out a sexual harassment form. No, wait, that's not what happens.

Laura smiles seductively and says, "It's just a little Vanilla Sparkle for '90s Expression, Robert."

Robert is completely baffled. No, wait, that's not what happens.

The scene cuts to sparkling, alluring deodorant sticks. Music plays. The end.

Context is limited edition!
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