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From a locked post, posted with permission

Moderator: So, we have a bunch of roles left that no one's taken. They're kind of odd, but please, give them a chance. Now, let's see... we have... the mouthy, morbid, long-haired kid pilot in a new Gundam show, Gundam W, I believe...

Toshihiko Seki: I'll take that one!

Moderator: Okay. Great. Next we have the violent, cranky Buddhist monk in Gensomaden Saiyuki...

Toshihiko Seki: Mine!

Mod: ... Okay. Chinese martial artist/duck in Ranma 1/2...?

Toshihiko: Me again!

Mod: Uh huh. Well. Okay, here. Bitter, cranky, reluctant uke in Mirage of Blaze.

Toshihiko: Cool! Gimmie!

Mod: ... Moving on. We have a really swishy swordsman in Samurai Deeper Kyo...

Toshihiko: Excellent. *rubs hands together*

Mod: *sigh* Psychotic telepath in Trigun...

Toshihiko: Oh, hey, psychotic's cool! I'll take that one, too.

Mod: You would. Oh, here's one, it's kind of a bit part... eccentric scientist shinigami in Yami no Matsuei. Oh, and he's got a Kansai accent.

Toshihiko: I can do Kansai. Nooo problem.

Mod: *gritting teeth* Male sex slave in Ai no Kusabi?

Toshihiko: *eyes light up* Neat!

Mod: ... I'm sensing a theme. And on that note, super-gay, Chinese pet shop owner with a tendency to sell people things that are going to eat them. Seki-san?

Tomokazu Seki: *looks up from his magazine* Hmm?

Mod: Not you, other one.

Toshihiko: Gee, I dunno... how gay is he?

Mod: Really, really gay.

Toshihiko: Well, okay then.

Mod: *rolling eyes* All we have left, then, is a bit part in Noir. Some artist who shows up for one episode and dies horribly for no apparent reason.

Toshihiko: Ah, what the hell. I'll do that too!

-- roseargent
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