Admiral Steveface (pandoras_closet) wrote in metaquotes,
Admiral Steveface

Alexander Wendt and bad philosophy

dr_zhivago like her philopsophy to have a point.

oh. my. god.

i just read 34 pages of crap. 34 pages of intellectually masturbatory crap and there was no goddamned point -like LITERALLY. i reached the end and it was like... so your conclusion is....nothing? NOTHING? he didnt figure out shit

im gonna go to my prof tomorrow morning and say "Ryan, you are sexy as hell, but this article was pure intelletual masturbation. I could have been masturbating for REAL and it wouldve been a better usage of time. If you wanna keep me up all night, sex me, dont make me read this shit."

Context says one thing and means it's mother. Permission to qoute given via AIM
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