The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote in metaquotes,
The Woman in Purple

The Tinkerbelle panties

Quoted with permission from an entry in inked2x's LJ, the story of a little girl, a traffic cop, and a pair of Tinkerbelle panties. Link is here.

My daughter Brenna has a pair of Tinkerbelle panties that she loves. In fact when she is wearing them, she even has a “Tinkerbelle Panty” song that she sings. She lives by the credo of “It’s a good day – because I am wearing Tinkerbelle Panties!” She will tell all kinds of people this information - just in case they were wondering why she was so happy.

A couple of days ago we were coming home after a long day of work for me and daycare for her. I was in a hurry to get home, eat supper and just relax in front of the television. Bren was in the backseat singing the “Tinkerbelle Panty” song as the scenery whizzed by. It was a warm day and a nice breeze was blowing in our open windows. With each, quickly passing mile, I could feel myself relaxing a little more. Ahhh …. almost there. Home, sweet home, here we come.

Before I knew it, I saw a pair of flashing red lights in my rearview mirror. Uh, oh – I was being busted for speeding. As I pulled off onto the shoulder, I carefully, explained to Brenna that I was “in trouble” and she should be quiet while the police officer came over to talk to me.

Soon enough a rather young cop walked up to the car – I would guess it was his first or second year on the job. After taking my license and insurance information, he proceeded to chew me out for speeding with my daughter in the car. I haven’t been lectured like that since I got caught sneaking in at night when I was a teenager! This guy really let me have it! Thankfully, Brenna sat quietly in car seat through the entire process. I was going to have some explaining to do when I got home.

Embarrassed and red-faced, I sort of slouched in my seat and mumbled “thanks” when he told me he wasn’t going to give me a ticket. As he was walking back to his car, a clear little voice piped up from the back of the car, floated out the window and said, “Mommy, that man should wear Tinkerbelle panties ‘cause he sure is in a bad mood!”

The cop stop mid-stride, one foot slightly in the air, but did not turn around. He carefully put his foot down and just stood there for a minute before quickly walking back to his car.

I just sort of drove away.

Who knows? Maybe he did go out and by Tinkerbelle panties …
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