Nenya Kanadka (nenya_kanadka) wrote in metaquotes,
Nenya Kanadka

on "boys will be boys"

greyladybast, posting about fandom's reaction to Harlan Ellison groping Connie Willis at WorldCon, and the "boys will be boys" excuse:

I don't understand why any variation on "boys will be boys" is any sort of excuse at all. What sort of smeghead chooses to allow---nay actively encourages---themselves to be defined solely by their very worst behavior? "That's just Harlan being Harlan" references nothing good about the man. In fact, it implies that the entirety of his being is defined only by being an asshole. "Harlan being Harlan" never means being quick-witted, or a talented writer, or an astute observer of the human condition, or in fact anything good at all. It's always used to refer soley to his assholishness. Is being an asshole the only thing that makes boys be boys Harlan be Harlan? Because that's what this so-called "effective pet excuse" implies.
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