Not Actually Jenny (jennyanydots21) wrote in metaquotes,
Not Actually Jenny

Emigrees from The Auld Country, take note

ambross gives advice to ravenmuse as she leaves Ireland to take up a college course in the UK:

ravenmuse: Can anyone think of anything I should invest in here before I go to England?

ambross: A pot of Irish soil, your lucky charms, a picture of your cow "Noreen", your dog "molly" who is clearly a sheep, a pint of Guinness in a thermos flask, some whiskey in a hip flask, some whiskey just poured all over your fully green outfit that you wear to your first lecture, a basket of spuds, a bag of fertilizer that you carry around "just in case", a small wooden pipe, a really big feck-off stick, and finally, load it all onto the back of a Mossy 550 tractor.

And if people start stereo-typing you, just stop talking to your imaginary leprechaun on your shoulder, whisper instead.

Edit: Original post can be found here.

Edit Part Two: I think we have established that Ireland is not in the UK. Pay no attention to anybody (I'm looking at you, ambross) who tells you otherwise.
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