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senobyte has an inner confilict

Me: So, I met this girl, she appears to like me...
Id: WOMAN!!!!
Logic: Well arrange to see her a few more times, see how things progress, that's how these things are done.
Neurosis: what if it's too soon? After all you guys have been letting me try running the place and...well....erm....think i may have left it in a bit of a mess.
Me: Shut the hell up for a moment Id. Sure, seeing her again would be good, but Neurosis does have a point.
Silent Bob: .....
Neurosis: And what if it gets intimate, will you remember what to do, it has been a while, and she does seem awfully self assured, do you really want that, can you handle it?
Logic: Well you'll never know if you don't try.
Silent Bob: .....
Neurosis: Maybe cool things down a bit, slow down, back off a bit, I hear Alaska's nice this time of year.
Me: Alaska you say? Hmmm, don't they have Penguins, they're always good for a giggle.
Logic: That's the South pole, and running away won't help.
Me: But...
Id: *In a surprising display of coherent thought Id produces several diagrams showing suggestions of what could be done with the girl*
Me, Logic, Neurosis and Silent Bob: .....
Logic: I'm not sure the human body can bend that way
Neurosis: Oh, no, that would hurt, and pain never agrees with me, bring me out in a rash, besides I have a note from my doctor somewhere stating I should avoid all activities that could be painful, it's like an allergy.
Silent Bob: *raises an eyebrow thoughtfully*
Me: Look this is getting us nowhere! what the hell should I do??
Logic: See her again:
Neurosis: Alaska, very beautiful this time of year, they have Moose.
Id: *points to the diagrams and waggles his eyebrows in a suggestive manner*
Silent Bob: Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things.
Me: Oh thats a big help!
Me: *Begins headbutting wall in frustration*

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