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Mommy wars.

petalmcmako just wants all mothers to quit snarking and start e-hugging.

You know, debating about whether daycare is the evil or the greatest thing since sliced bread is all about playing mothers against each other... You shouldn't have children if you don't plan on staying home with them 24/7; there is no point getting an education if you're going to have children because you will be staying home with them until they leave home. So your future is mapped out - stay at school until you are a) functionally literate and b) reach child bearing age. Then get out there, get a man and breed.

Do not even consider wanting to use the brains you were born with to continue doing something you as a woman may enjoy. Beause once you have children, you have to stay at home, catering for their every whim to the point of completely subjugating your identity into theirs. Then you wake up one morning in 25 years to discover that you're home alone - because your children have lives of their own, and the man you married has run off with his secretary because at least she can talk to him.

Hey, if you want to stay home with your kids, that's fantastic, too. If you are able to do it, and it suits you - by all means stay home. But if you want or need to go to work for what ever the reason, do it without guilt.

As for breast is best and formula is poison... Breastmilk is the ideal milk for the human baby. Formula is a pretty good substitute, and I don't think there have been all that many deaths 100% caused by formula when the formula was made up according to the manufacturers instructions - you know, with boiled water and sterilised bottles and with the correct amount of formula? Rather than made up with skanky pond water or with a few less scoops because it's expensive. Women who do not breastfeed for what ever the reason should be accepted, instead of being made feel like a complete and utter failure as a mother. I know several REAL women who did not breastfeed for a variety of reasons; and every reason struck me as being valid - and yes, I think "it's too squicky for words" *IS* a valid reason to not do it... A mother that cringes every time she has to feed her baby? Or a mother who happily gives her baby a bottle? Hmmm.

While we're speaking about food... no matter how or what you chose to feed your children, you are doing the wrong thing and leading them toward a life of anorexia, obesity, type II diabetes and coronary artery disease and that's just what will happen if you start them on solids before six months. Does a magical switch flick in their stomachs at six months to say "hey, we can eat solids now"? Five months and 30 days it's shut; then Shazaam! Open Sesame. Gasp, you gave your child sugar? A taste of icecream? A dog biscuit? Meat? Feeding them vegan? Straight to Bad Mother Hell for you. And heaven forbid your child has milk, because they like it. There are so many better sources of calcium out there, you know. Milk is just evil and exposing them to milk products at any point before puberty is setting them up for a lifetime of milk allergies. Ok, and what's formula made from? Dessicated chopped liver? Oh, that's alright then. Breastfed babies are what their mother's eat - and you don't see breastfed mothers being told to lay off the cheese if they want to breastfeed. Off the whiskey and the smokes and the bongs, maybe. But off the cheese? Didn't think so. And juice. Juice is the devil's beverage. All your child's teeth will fall out if they have more than a sip of diluted 1:100 juice.

And who starts all this? Women. Fighting, discussing, debating, denigrating and then just plain old slagging off between each other. Why the hell do women do this to each other? Is there a prize for the last woman standing? Will you get a special badge if you stay at home, breastfeed your children until puberty and don't feed them solid food until they have the vocabulary to request Filet Mignon, medium rare, with lightly sauteed vegetables, followed by a delectable creme brulee?

It's just a ploy by the patriarchy to make women continue to question their role in society. To make women turn against each other instead of getting out, getting on and running the planet (with or without a couple of kids tucked under your arm). Because we all know damn well that any woman who can run a house, organise a family, and hold down a job (or two or not) is more than capable of a little world domination if she puts her mind to it. There are women who do not have access to adequate health care; women who are still dying in childbirth; women and children starving to death. In the 21st century, and we all sit back and stab each other for daring to think differently.

We should be banding together and supporting each other, rather than denigrating each others parenting choices. Then we can take over the world next Tuesday after we've taken Junior to little athletics.

Would you like context with that?
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