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When WoW meets RHPS

In which warinbear says:

I was playing World of Warcraft early Sunday afternoon -- yesterday by the clock, earlier today by my body's reckoning -- and N, one of our newest guildmembers, was having a discussion about nothing in particular with the guildmaster. Another guildie, M, logged in, and she and N were startled to see each other. Apparently, they had belonged to another guild together at some point and had not expected their paths to cross again, though they didn't mind it. The resulting conversation looked a bit like this.

[Guild] [N] M!!!
[Guild] [M] N!!!
[Guild] [A] M!!!
[Guild] [B] N!!!
[Guild] [W] Dr. Scott!!!
[Guild] [C] Brad!!!
[Guild] [D] Janet!!!
[Guild] [Q] HUH?

. . . followed by several 'LOL's. (A, B, C, D, and Q are other guildies -- W is me, in case it's not obvious. Q is from Australia.)

QWP, but that's the whole post.
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