Foxish (dragonsong) wrote in metaquotes,

Oh Planets...

tori_ceratops's Planetary Geology class provides endless amusement...

If you look at our solar system, all the planets (not counting Pluto) are in a flat plane. This is kind of like a pizza. When it formed, it rotated out and out, forming planets. This is alot like when the old pizza makers would toss the dough in the air. Little bits would fly off that started in the dough, but they are no longer part of the pizza. Pluto (and everything else in question) is not on the same plane as everything else! Pluto is not part of the damn pizza! It's not even a piece of pepperoni! It's more like a glass of coke that you get with the pizza. (Maybe even the after dinner mint)

Friendslocked, but QWP.
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