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arielography comments on current events . . .

Now a bit of history: The French insisted that Israel and Lebanon should have an immediate ceasefire and the UN should step in and guard the border and stop this senseless slaughter blah blah blah blah. Thing is, when it came time to offer troops, the French are refusing to send anything more than 200 civil engineers (HA! Now we know what they are doing with their unemployed baccalaureates!).

Somewhere on the Lebanese-Israeli Border....
"Oy you, UN types, get out of the way!"
"No, you must respect the UN's authority!"
"And just whaddya gonna do to us!? Yer friggen civil engineers! Gonna throw a protractor at me??"
"We shall not build a bridge for you to cross the border! So there!"
"....ah....let me get my tape measure"

Context, such as it is.
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