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The Dangers of Grapefruit Candy

velev talks about why grapefruit candy is evil.

I hate hate hate hate hate grapefruit to begin with, but I'd never heard of it in gummy form, so I was willing to give it a try. BOY WAS THAT A ROTTEN IDEA!! It was easily one of the most vile concoctions I've ever had the displeasure of tasting. I don't say that lightly. This foul lump of confectionery is what's filling the candy dishes in HELL. Yes, I state that as an unequivocal fact. If you'd bitten into that same little yellow blob of misbegotten sin, you'd completely understand. *shivers* You've heard of acid flashbacks? I'm going to have gumdrop flashbacks over this nasty fucker!

So I've gotta get to bed now, but always remember one thing: Friends DON'T let friends eat grapefruit gumdrops!!! It's a life lesson!

Quoted with permission from a locked post here.
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