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I'm just MQ'ing my whole flist...

Public Service Announcements
1. The person who first said jumping rope was the best form of exercise was a sadist who kicked puppies.

2. If you haven't jumped rope in a decade or so, you will fuck yourself up. And you're not that coordinated.

3. No matter how much you weigh or how graceful you are, you will land on the side of your foot. And it'll hurt. Wear sneakers.

4. Men, support. Support is really good. That's a bad feeling. Slappy slappy.

5. Don't jump robe topless. You may exercise like that normally. It may not be a problem normally. But if your hands get sweaty, you may lose the rope. Or it might go off course . . . . and whip an exposed nipple. That's not good at all.

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