Euryale (euryale000) wrote in metaquotes,

sword_chucks is a crack whore. as demonstrated below:

Ugh. Would someone please tell my mood to stop trying to be a sin wave? ...Actually, I think it may be shooting for tan... What would a point of exclusion be in terms of mood, anyway. Hm.

...I think I just got myself out of a bad mood entirely through going mathy on it. Wow. Mock me at will.

PIE! PIE should definitely apply!

ETA: I think there is something wrong with my brain right now. I think this because I just found myself thinking something that roughly translates into "I should be beaten with an overly large spoon and shoved in a can of anchovies." Well, that and wondering whether you could kill Al from Full Metal Alchemist by shoving him in one of those car compactor things, or whether that would just give you tiny, cute, cube Al.
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