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"I will take the Nom," he said, "Although I do not know the way."

"...The point is Dean, Clark and Co should be going after Bush on this. NOW. All 9 of them and oh good God now my mind went to a bad place and here comes the image of the Democratic Fellowship, twisted by the dark Magicks of Bushauron.

Dean is Frodo of course – a hick from the hills of Vermont Shire who just happens to be obscenely rich.

Which I suppose makes Clark - Aragorn, who ticked off the rest of the rangers so badly that they kicked him out of cushy job of being the Supreme Commander of Rohan-Gondor Treaty Organization

Lieberman’s Boromir, way too chummy with the Enemy’s domestic program and making a desperate last stand against the hordes of orcish Uber-left-wingers.

Gephardt is Gandalf, who knows where every body is buried in the Middle Earth of the democratic party.

Kerry is Gimli, an angry and unhinged veteran with Issues who is clearly uneasy above ground.

Edwards is Sam, solid and dependable and utterly lost as to how he ended tied in this circus.

Sharpton is Merry - angry little person with a perma-curl on his feet and Mosley-Brown is Pippin, because nobody cares very much

And Kucinich is the fairy, hopped up on hobbit weed.

Hee-Hee… and Zell Miller is Saruman from Georgia.

Clinton is Elrond, and McCain is clearly Bombadil – means well, but doesn’t matter for shit.

Bob Graham is Denethor and I need prozac like a motherf-!"

-- from doqz
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