Gun Street Girl (blackbird__fly) wrote in metaquotes,
Gun Street Girl

Secrets are like puppies?

erinsaurus is (well, was, since this entry is like a week old - sue me, I was on vacation) planning a surprise for her girlfriend:

"i think this is actually the longest i have ever been able to keep a surprise secret from the person it was meant for. i just get so excited that i ruin them. kind of like when a dog gets excited and pees a little, right on your new area rug that you just fucking bought, and when you get out the steam cleaner it fucking blows out the circuit breaker, and now you have to go to the hardware store when all you were trying to do was come home and kick back after work and maybe have a beer or two, but no, the dog had to lose bladder control right in the geographic center of the fucking area rug."
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