Dennis The Homophobe Slayer (yep_i_am_dennis) wrote in metaquotes,
Dennis The Homophobe Slayer

Gay Tivos

From this post by brooding_soul

My supervisor said that his Tivo knows he's gay because, and I quote, "I guess I’ve spent too much time on the WB and Bravo networks. Toss in Janice Dickenson’s Modeling Agency and the cheesy monster movies on Sci Fi where viewers are bound to see pretty men running about in various states of frightened undress, and it’s no wonder I’ve confused my electronic devices."

I replied, "Thank God I don't have TiVo to observe what I watch. I watch more ABC Family than I care to admit (7th Heaven reruns, Gilmore Girls reruns, Kyle XY), the WB (GG), Bravo (Project Runway, Top Chef, Kathy Griffin) and MTV (Made, Next, My Super Sweet 16). Oh, and don't forget Disney channel. Had I a TiVo, it would spontaneously turn pink and record with a lisp."
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